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review 3/21/2019

Absolutely love this place!
The people here are very nice and friendly! The facility itself is super nice and clean. I have taken the Flow class and the Physique class and both are great. If you want to break a sweat I would definitely recommend the Physique class. Overall great place!

syncla 3/25/2019

I am so happy to have finally found an amazing cycle studio on the east side. Everyone is really friendly and encouraging and the studio is gorgeous. take Carolyn’s class on Mondays!


I can’t believe I haven’t written a review yet! I’ve been coming here for a while now and have definitely taken a spin class with all of the instructors at least once and I love them all! I’m a little limited due to the fact that my schedule only allows me to take the early AM classes but I’m so thankful for the weekday 6:15am classes! Clean, easy parking, challenging classes, fun music.. what else could you ask for?? it’s the best way to start the day. My only complaint would be I wish there were more spin classes on the weekends!


I love this studio. I am a competitive Ironman triathlete and cyclist and I found this studio because in between races or in offseason I found trainer rides lonely and monotonous. This studio is fun…gives me the workout I need AND the yoga/stretch I require to keep my athletic endeavors going 🙂 you won’t regret checking them out it’s a great community!

review 7/10/2018

One of the best workout sessions I’ve had in a very long time. Going in I was not sure what to expect. I knew the class was split in half: half cycling and half yoga (30 minutes each). The girl in the front was extremely helpful. She walked me through the whole place and how it works. She even was kind enough to lent me cycling shoes hat click in, but she told me you don’t have to have them, but it does help( They are $3 to rent). After getting situated our instructor Hector came in and we started the cycling class. WOW!! I’m hooked. Hector was so awesome in keeping us all engaged and pumped up. The adrenaline was rushing and everyone was super into it. The upbeat songs helped a lot as well. After 30 minutes of sweating our butts off we walked to the yoga studio where there were already yoga mats on the floor waiting for us (usually they are $2 to rent). Hector guided us through some intense moves and stretches. It was amazing!! After a kick ass cardio to stretch and feel grounded again was exactly what we needed. The whole class was a perfect balance of cardio and meditation.
I highly recommend it and I can not wait to try more classes and new instructors.

P.S. FREE 90 minute public parking on south east corner of California Avenue and Orange Street.

review 1/18/2019
You can’t compare this studio to ANYWHERE else!!! Talented, caring, encouraging, motivating teachers in one studio. The front desk staff members are very informative, helpful and overall very nice. Every single teacher there is highly experienced and will make you feel welcomed. The spin classes are intense, fun and rewarding. The yoga classes are in infrared heated room, very beneficial for your health and overall very soothing. If you workout, you know the music they play in class is SUPER important. Every single instructor has their own playlist they usually play, and all are amazing. There are NO complaints about this studio.

Clean, safe, rewarding and AMAZING!!

If you get a chance, make sure to introduce yourself to the owner, Gohar, she’s a real gem.

And thanks to all of the Sync’s instructors. I’ve learned so much from every single one of them

Olivia, Gohar, Hector, Kallie ( no longer works there ), Kat, Karolin, Daisha, Lauren, Jennifer, Chase, Jaime. You’ve all made a huge impact on my life.

Never taken a class with Alyssa or Natalie ( due to scheduling conflict ) but I’ve heard amazing stories about them as well.

Also, one common theme with the teachers I’ve notice. They always remind you during class. “You are enough the way you are.” And for some reason it resonates with me and makes me feel whole.

I’ve recommended this studio to more than 5 people and all 5 LOVED IT!!


One of the best places to get a good sweat and workout. If not the best. very clean good energy. Infared yoga is the best here you get an awesome sweat in that class and to work out all your kinks. I’m very selective and this place by far is beyond my expectations. Ride/spin class is amazing as well. Very cool teachers here. I always come back to this place.


Amazing amazing amazing! I do the RIDE class and i’ve always hated working out, but the cycling class makes working out fun, i’ve gone almost everyday out of the month that’s how much I love it. Totally recommend. Instructors are very sweet and motivating.


Sync is the best! I’m a runner and haven’t had a membership to any gyms in a while but I’m so glad I decided to try Sync. I take Spin and physique classes and love both. It’s great seeing a lot of the same people in your classes and motivates you to keep coming back. All of the instructors and staff are so helpful and nice and the studio is so beautiful and clean. I’m also a big fan of the green tea shots waiting for you after class.

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