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review 8/6/2018

This is a complete GEM of a studio!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!!! I have been to many different studios and tried many different types of exercise. I have never had a membership with a studio, yet this place really sets itself apart from other places and everyone I talk to who goes to the classes says the same thing. I came in with a Groupon purchase, my first class was the Physique class with Kat in the inferred heated room. WOW! What a game changer! It worked on my mind, body and soul, I loved it so much I signed up for membership right after class, that’s how fabulous this studio is!! I have been going for a few months now and have taken all the different classes and I love all of them! My skin is glowing, I am getting so much stronger, my entire being is so much healthier! The owners have carefully thought of all the little details that makes this place so spectacular!! The special design of the classes where you get the best workouts! It’s not just that the classes are so powerful, but it’s the AMAZING CARING GENUINE KIND people who have created this place and the people who work here that make this place radiantly shine!! From the owners to the manager, spectacular best instructors, people at the front desk, everyone is on board to take sure you are having a positive experience! Everyone puts so much TLC into this place, and it really shows! I could go on and on about the place!! First week is free! I highly recommend this place! THANK YOU Sync Yoga + Cycle you are a TREASURE!

review 4/13/2018

Awesome teachers. Awesome classes. Awesome music. 

If you want a good workout, and don’t mind working hard, their Ride classes are for you! 

Their sync classes with 30 minutes of cycling and 30 minutes of yoga have just the right amount of cardio, stretching and mindfulness. 

If you are a first timer, go to one of Hector’s classes. His ride classes are fun workouts where you can burn calories and bop along to latin, hip hop and trap songs.

syncla 3/9/2018

Love love love this place! Such a hidden gem. I live in Los Feliz and it’s worth the short drive. Classes are rarely packed which is hard to come by these days. Studio is exceptionally well kept. I signed up for the free week and will def be signing on for a membership. 

I really enjoy Hector’s classes. Sometimes group classes can feel a bit intimidating but he’s great at making everyone feel comfortable. That goes for the yoga portion as well. Great tunes too. 

10/10 would recommend


Let me preface by saying: THIS IS THE BEST PLACE EVER.

First, the instructors are amazing. I’ve been coming here a little over a month and have been to all of the instructor’s classes except 1 or 2 of them. They all are great in their own way and set a great tone for every class, whether there’s 2 people in the class or 12. They give it their all, every time. They are also very welcoming and make you feel comfortable always. They are very personable and come to know students by name. Not only that but the girls at the front desk are really sweet too!

Second, literally EVERYTHING is there for you…all you have to bring is a water bottle. There’s lockers (no lock needed they are self-lock), alkaline water, yoga mats, towels, showers, body wash/shamp/cond, cycle shoes, cold wash cloths infused with essential oils after class, and sometimes there’s green tea shots or fruit slices offered. Honestly they could easily charge a LOT more (please don’t yet though ) for what they offer and it’s worth every penny. Everything about this place is SO thoughtful.

Next, I’ve taken every style class offered as well, except the “ride” class which is 45mins ….I’m not that advanced yet lol. I enjoy all of them equally! I’ve been to a split-class style place before that was Pilates/spin, and that’s how I found this place because I was looking for a similar style workout. “Sync” is probably my favorite class for that reason. You work your booty off to great music (this deserves 5 stars alone, I hate it when the workout could be great but the music sucks), and then you zen out and stretch and feel amazing afterwards! “Physique” is also really great because you are warming up with yoga but then all of a sudden you are doing cardio to fast-paced fun music and then you cool down with more yoga.

Anyway, this is getting too long and I’m rambling but I can’t say enough good things. Try it…you’re first week (what? WEEK?!) is FREE. What do you have to loose? Except weight and anxiety…  10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND

review 3/16/2018

LOVE. It was the whole experience that gives this place 5 stars, from the moment you enter to the incredible class with Alyssa to leaving sore but satisfied. Spin is hard and tough, but Alyssa made is so fun with her high energy, amazing music choices and constant encouragement. It’s not over the top JAZZED; it’s just the perfect amount of excitement to keep you going up the hills and turning the knob more and more to the right. The weights under the bike were a special bonus, too. It made it a lot tougher but I think my body appreciates it.

The space is beautiful and the woman at the front desk was incredibly sweet and helpful. The whole process to register was incredibly easy. After the class, there were shots of refreshing tea and clementines waiting for you. On top of all this, Sync donated their space for a charity run. That kind of generosity and heart and community pull make this place everything! Come sweat, meet incredible people and leave stronger!


Love calling this place my home studio! 

Each instructor takes time to show you proper technique, which not only protects you during your workout, but maximizes your efforts as well! 

I’m a big fan of Hector’s Ride classes – he takes time to show you how to ride correctly, and cheers you on through each class. Had me smiling through even the toughest workouts! 

The studio itself is one of the best around with excellent customer service, clean facilities, and an overall friendly atmosphere. The best part, which not all gyms do, is that they offer ONE FREE WEEK so you can try out any class you want before signing up!

You can get yoga/spin/fitness classes anywhere, yes, but you can’t get this sense of community, support, and amazing service along with it.


Sync is the best! I’m a runner and haven’t had a membership to any gyms in a while but I’m so glad I decided to try Sync. I take Spin and physique classes and love both. It’s great seeing a lot of the same people in your classes and motivates you to keep coming back. All of the instructors and staff are so helpful and nice and the studio is so beautiful and clean. I’m also a big fan of the green tea shots waiting for you after class.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this place!! 

I was astonished by all the positive Yelp reviews about Sync, so decided to check it out myself and sure enough, I fell in love with the service at Sync. The staff is very professional, warm, and welcoming. The classes are challenging but so fun, especially the Ride class with Alyssa and Physique with Gohar! 

Sync also offers a free week of unlimited classes! Could it get any better!!? 

Thank you for the great experience! 🙂


This is definitely my new favorite spot!!!
Amazing studio and an amazing workout!!! Thank you Sync! I really enjoyed my hour and feel great!!