Spin Studio at Sync

The minute you enter the spin studio at Sync Yoga + Cycle in Glendale, it’s a party. Sync is the perfect environment, from decor to equipment, to help get you focused, motivated, and excited about your health. Sync is a judgement-free space. We’re all here for the same reason — to sweat.

Whether it’s your first or hundreth class, each member approaches their health and workout differently. No person’s anatomy is the same, so trust yourself and what your body is telling you. Push yourself as far as you can, but also recognize when your body needs a break. Although we’re all spinning together, only you can be accountable for yourself.

With music pulsing from our state-of-the-art sound system, Sync’s amphitheater-style spin room offers everything you could ever want — lights, music, and a Stages indoor cycling bike built to push you more than you ever felt was possible.

Our instructors are knowledgeable and take pride in spreading their expertise about health and fitness. Every one of them has gone through rigorous training from our head instructors. Classes at Sync never get stale. We change the format daily and allow our instructors the freedom to express their skills, unlike our competitors’ scripted programs.

Our clean facilities and organic Hawaiian amenities are just a few of the small details our clients appreciate about the Sync environment. Sign up for a class today to try out the Sync experience for yourself.

At Sync, we offer Giro cycling shoes and Manduka mats to rent, in addition to complimentary towel service. We have an Elkay filtered water station, however we ask that you please bring your own bottle. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class. Late arrivals run the risk of not being admitted.

Qualities to Look For in a Spin Studio

Sync Yoga + Cycle understand that in Los Angeles there is a yoga or spin studio on almost every corner. This means the yoga or spin studio you frequent is a choice. Sync wants you to enjoy coming to class and look forward to returning. This is why Sync aims to exceed the qualities and expectations most yogis and cyclers consider when choosing a studio.

Inspirational Instructors

Sync’s spin and yoga instructors are simply the best. They will push you physically, motivate you mentally, and inspire you to go a little bit harder each class. Steady gains is the way to be when maintaining your health. Let our instructors be your role model, coach, and teacher all-in-one. We aspire for Sync to be just like Cheers, “where everybody knows your name.”

Great Customer Service

The second you step foot into Sync you will be greeted by our friendly front desk staff. From there they will sign you in, answer any questions, and direct you towards class. We want your experience inside Sync to be as easy and friendly as possible. We are always open to suggestions on how we can improve our customer service. It is of the utmost importance to maintaining our vision for Sync.

Welcoming Community

Many members return to Sync for the great workout and amazing teachers, but we also want you to think of Sync as a second home. We have cultivated Sync to be much more than a place to sweat, but rather a community where we can feel safe, strong, and supported.

Clean Studio & Equipment

It is important to maintain the quality of both our studio spaces and the equipment used within each. Nobody enjoys a sticky yoga mat or a sweaty indoor bike. At Sync we keep our studios pristine and our equipment in great condition. If equipment begins to show signs of wear, we replace it. Our members comfort, satisfaction and safety is what matters most to us.

Unbeatable Prices

We take pride in our competitive prices. Sync is happy to offer new clients our Sync Starter package of 3 classes for $39. We also offer new clients their first month of unlimited classes at a reduced rate of $99. For our devoted regulars we offer one of two options: $189 a month for unlimited classes, plus a complimentary yoga mat & cycling shoes, FREE pop-up classes, and 15% off retail and workshops; or the Sync Premier Annual Membership for $1,899 with FREE pop-up classes and 25% off retail and workshops.

Stages Indoor Cycling Bikes

Sync’s state-of-the-art spin studio houses 25 Stages SC1 indoor cycling bikes for new clients and members. “Engineered for simplicity and function” — these steel-framed bikes are built to provide a smooth user experience. Equipped with magnetic resistance, a carbon fiber belt, and the Stages RoadBar, the SC1 bike model is perfect for any spin class, from beginner to expert level. In addition to the Stages SC1 bikes, Sync’s spin studio equipment includes Schwinn Triple Link Pedals with toe cages, SPD and LOOK Delta compatible clips. The studio and bikes are waiting for you today at Sync Yoga + Spin in Glendale.