Yoga Classes at Sync

Yoga helps us reduce stress, improve focus, and encourages us to lead a more well-balanced life. Sync offers a variety of mixed-level infrared hot yoga classes. Whether you’re looking for a detoxifying flow, an hour split between spin and yoga, a hybrid of weight training and yoga, a more gentle practice, or restorative yoga — Sync has it all. Read more about each class below and call or stop by with any further questions regarding classes at, or more about Sync.

Yoga Class Options

SYNC+ will turn your stress into sweat. This signature class of cycle and yoga strengthens, balances, and detoxifies your entire body and mind. Set to an energizing playlist, this class begins with 30 minutes of cycling in our spin room equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system; followed by 30 minutes of yoga powered by infrared heat that will move you through postures and connected breath. It’s a cardio and strength workout. You’ll just have to sweat it to believe it.

FLOW is both energizing and nourishing. This yoga class combines movement and breath, targeting physical strength, flexibility, and mental discipline. While maintaining a clear focus on alignment and awareness of breath, this class aids to detoxify the body through infrared heat. 

PHYSIQUE targets, strengthens, stretches, and detoxifies your entire body and mind while using hand weights and infrared heat. This class is tailored to create a strong physical foundation through muscle conditioning work. The class draws both from yoga and sculpt. PHYSIQUE delivers a powerful system of exercises focusing on core, upper and lower body, and alignment.

THERAPEUTIC YOGA combines yoga therapy tools, breath-work, restorative yoga, and physical therapy inspired exercises to help students move towards equanimity, both physically and mentally.

RESTORE stretches and relaxes your body to help you unwind. This restorative class includes slow, mindful movements and guided meditation to leave you feeling balanced in body and mind.

What is Infrared Hot Yoga?

The yoga room at Sync is heated via therapeutic infrared heating panels for the most detoxifying practice available. Infrared hot yoga is exactly what it sounds like, a yoga session heated from an infrared radiant heating system. Infrared radiant heat is similar to the heat felt from direct sunlight, only without the UV rays. This means infrared heat provides the same comfort of a workout in the sun without the health risks.

Infrared radiant heating distributes air differently than a standard heating system. A regular hot yoga class leaves you feeling stuffy and gross, while infrared heat will have you feeling refreshed.

An advantage of infrared radiant heat is the effect it has on surfaces. Instead of blowing hot air indirectly around a swampy room full of sweaty bodies, infrared heating panels silently produce heat from the ground up, distributing warmth evenly. When you’re on the floor stretching, the temperature will be warmer, soothing your body and increasing flexibility. Then when you’re upright and pushing your body through a difficult yoga pose, the temperature will be slightly cooler than on the mat. Once you try infrared hot yoga, you’ll understand that it truly is the “superior hot yoga experience.”

Yoga Mat Rental

At Sync, we offer Manduka yoga mats to rent, in addition to complimentary towel service, Manduka blocks, straps, resistance bands, sliders, and free weights. We have an Elkay filtered water station, however we ask that you please bring your own bottle. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class. Late arrivals run the risk of not being admitted.